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Ressa Speech is a licensed and professional speech-language and feeding practice for children in New York City and through teletherapy in New York State. The practice serves children with a wide range of abilities and needs. Ressa Speech provides private speech, language, feeding, lactation evaluations, caregiver training, screenings, consultations, and one-to-one therapy. 


We offer comprehensive speech-language and feeding evaluations to fit the needs of your child. Both standardized (formal) and informal measures are used, including: parent-report, clinical observation and interaction, relevant assessments, and language samples. An extensive written report is created to summarize the in-depth findings and provide recommendations.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is much more than just “teaching a child to eat.”Your Child may have an aversion to texture, hardness, variety, or eating in public. We work on improving a child’s relationship to food and to accept a variety of tastes and textures. We take a holistic approach to make the entire process of eating easier and more enjoyable.

Orofacial Myofucntional Disorders 

This include assessing the adult/child who is a mouth breather and/or has difficulty breathing through the nose. Other assessments include looking at tongue movement, eating patterns, jaw tension, disordered lip movement, dental limitations, and sound disorders, as well as excessive drooling psat the age of two. Referring out to other a dentist, an orthodontist, and/or doctor if needed. Treatment and management of diagnosis.

Screening + Consultation

Are you concerned about your child’s speech, language, feeding and/or play development? Ressa Speech utilizes  expert clinical opinion as well as formal measures to provide recommendations. Screenings can be in-person or virtual (within New York State).

Speech-Language Therapy

  • Articulation​ & Phonological Disorders

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Late Talkers

  • Receptive & Expressive Language Disorders

  • Social Language/Pragmatic Skills

  • Augmentative/Alternative Communication Therapy & Training​

  • Auditory Processing


Virtual sessions from the comfort and safety of your own home. Offering various session lengths from 30, 45 or 60 minute formats. No need to worry too much about having the right toys or materials! The therapist will provide you with a list prior to each session and/or utilize what you already have in your home to help reach your child's goals.

Parent Consultations

& Training

Parent training is crucial to ensure your child is unlocking their full potential. Parents are key players in your child’s development. This program is designed to promote your child’s communication, play, social, and feeding skills across all settings. You’ll learn how to implement strategies with your child during everyday activities for generalization of skills.

From Kathryn 


how to know whats right for your child?

The first step in a successful speech therapy journey is the relationship that you and your family have with your therapist. Using a comprehensive evaluation process, I work with parents, caregivers, and educators to find the plan that is right for your child.

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